How Does Life Insurance For Smokers Work?

Life Insurance for smokers and non smokers is virtually the same. However, there is one major difference; rates. Because insurance companies favor low risks more when choosing who they insure, it's no surprise that because smokers are at a higher risk of death and certain illnesses, premiums are higher. But don't worry, there are some companies out there that offer favorable rates for smokers. Use our Smoker's Life Insurance quote tool to see who they are and how you can benefit.

Can I Really Get Life Insurance If I Smoke?

Yes you can absolutely obtain life insurance if you smoke. Just be willing to pay slightly higher premiums, even with the favorable treatment these smoker friendly companies provide.

Do I Have to Take a Physical Exam?

Depending on the amount of coverage and the insurance carrier, you may not have to take an exam. On the other hand, some carriers may opt for you to take an exam to assess the risk it assumes when insuring you. So all in all it just depends on the carrier and amount of coverage desired. The companies we've selected not only have favorable rates for smokers, but also no exam options.

What If I Smoke E-Cigarettes

Due to clinically proven long term effects, if you actively smoke e-cigarettes you may still have to pay a slightly higher premium. However, the carriers we've selected for you provide favorable rates for smokers of regular tobacco, e-cigarettes, those who chew and dip tobacco, marijuana users, vapers, and even those who actively use nicotine aides.

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