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Hi! We are seeking volunteers from the local New Orleans and surrounding communities to become Advocates for Life Insurance. Your support is needed. Everyone needs and benefits from life insurance be it for burial and funeral costs, debt coverage or payoff, money to protect a home or business, or most importantly, to leave their loved ones or favorite charity a financial legacy that will make their lives a little better by lessening their financial burdens.


We’re gifting $20 for every referral our Advocates send us! If you’re an Advocate with a child, your child will automatically qualify for our exclusive $500 Scholarship Rewards program that allows him or her to lessen the financial obligation to 1 out of over 450 and counting participating private colleges nationwide, no purchase necessary. Helping fund education is one of our ways of giving back to the community so we offer this minimum scholarship amount freely.

For Advocates that take it a step further by purchasing a life insurance policy, you can further gift your child up to $52,000 in scholarship rewards to help lower college debt. If you have multiple children, purchasing just one policy lets you enroll all of them. So each child would receive individual scholarship rewards. (grandchildren, nieces, and nephews count as children)

What’s In it For Me? 

Great question! As you can see, being a Life Insurance Advocate for us has its perks. In addition to the $500 automatic Scholarship Rewards for your child(or children), and the automatic $20 referral gift you receive per referral, when you make your first referral you will receive the following rewards: 

· Public recognition. Your name will be placed on the Advocates page of our company website. You will also receive a public shout out on our company social media pages and all relevant marketing materials such as our company newsletter (If you have an image we’ll use your image when we recognize you. Photo restrictions apply.)

· Exclusive savings to our Tickets At Work program. With this perk you’ll receive exclusive discounts, special offers and access to preferred seating and tickets to top attractions, theme parks, shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels and much more.

· Planning to work out at Planet Fitness? Enjoy our exclusive company savings; No enrollment fees with any plan. And with Planet Fitness’s top plan, the Black Card, there are NO ENROLLMENT FEES, and NO ANNUAL FEES.  (Pre-existing Planet Fitness members can convert their current membership for future savings.) 

After you make your first referral, when we ship your gift card, you will also receive via mail, a personalized certificate recognizing you as a Advocate.  Your efforts matter, and should therefore be recognized and rewarded.

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