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What is Guaranteed Life Insurance?

Key Features Of Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

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How Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Works: Real Life Scenario 2

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What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

Guaranteed Issue life insurance is a type of life insurance coverage that allows people with less than healthy, and sometimes very severe sicknesses, to obtain permanent coverage. Oftentimes, those with illnesses are unaware they have options for insurance coverage, which is unfortunate because this causes disappointment and resentment toward life insurance from would-be insureds who actually need the protection. 

With a Guaranteed Issue life insurance policy you are able to obtain permanent coverage at a rate that will never change, and your policy will never cancel, as long as you continue to pay your premiums. Get in contact with one of our life agents to get help on deciding how and if Guaranteed Issue life can help solve your life insurance problem.

Key Features of Guaranteed Issue Life

Policy in Action: Sample Case Studies

Case Study 1: Previously Denied Coverage

Jenine is a 66 year old semi-retired female who has several health issues. She's tried to obtain coverage through an insurer once before, but was denied coverage, after which, she gave up on trying. Recently, Jenine saw an advertisement stating that she could purchase life insurance regardless of her health status, but she is still unsure if she meets the criteria for obtaining coverage. She is also under the impression that she cannot apply or qualify for coverage again since she was previously declined by another carrier, which is simply not true. 

Problem: Jenine has been misinformed and miseducated on the options for life insurance coverage available to people with serious and multiple health issues. She has previously been denied coverage and is in fear that she cannot obtain life insurance coverage to help with her burial expenses. 

Suggested Solution: Because of the severity of Jenine's health issues, she can qualify for a Guaranteed Issue policy in an amount up to $25,000. This type of plan is perfect for Jenine, as she does not have to concern herself with the stress of getting denied coverage, because no one gets denied. She is guaranteed coverage, up to $25,000.

Policy in Action: Sample Case Studies

Case Study 2: Below Age 40, The Standard Age for Eligibility of Guaranteed Issue Life Coverage

Terrell is a 25 year old male who has, unfortunately, suffered from several health issues in his short life. He has tried to obtain life insurance coverage but was told that his sicknesses disqualify him from a fully underwritten life insurance product. Terrell was also told that the product that would work best for his situation is reserved for people aged 40 and above that have severe medical issue. His mother is concerned that she will not have the money to bury Terrell should he suffer an untimely death. Terrell is also concerned that he will leave his already struggling mother with another financial burden if neither of them have enough money saved up to bury Terrell.

Problem: Terrell has no life insurance coverage to shield his loved ones from the financial burden of burying him, should he pass away early as the result of one of his sicknesses. Terrell has also been misinformed by a previous life insurance agent about his options for coverage based on his current health status.

Suggested Solution: Terrell needs to sit with one of our agents to be properly educated on his available options. He can indeed receive life insurance coverage despite his current ailments. The best policy for his situation is going to be a Guaranteed Issue life insurance policy, as this type of policy allows him to obtain coverage regardless of his sicknesses. Even at his current age of 25, he is still eligible for permanent coverage up to $25,000, an amount sufficient for his burial, and a little extra to leave behind to help out his struggling loved ones.

What to Remember About Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

A Guaranteed Issue policy is used for people with serious or severe health problems. NO medical exams. NO ONE gets denied. You WILL BE APPROVED! Although the quote tool by default allows you to select up to $100,000, the max coverage amount available for Guaranteed Issue policies is $25,000. 

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