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Questions and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent insurance questions and answers. Questions and answers are frequently added and updated.

Empyral Insurance Group, LLC is headquartered in New Orleans, La at 1615 Poydras St., Suite 900, New Orleans, La. 70112.

Our company has been in business since 2017.

We provide Life, Health, Accident, Property, and Casualty insurance products and services. These include life insurance, mortgage protection, auto, homeowners, renters, and more.

Monthly premium amounts vary based on specific insurance products as well as your specific situation. Not everyone’s risks are the same. For specific rates contact a customer service representative.


In short, whole life insurance is a permanent insurance product and term life is what the word implies, a temporary,or, an insurance product that lasts for a specific term period.

In most cases your policy is active per the day and date your application is submitted. Once your application is submitted it then goes to the underwriting department of the respective insurer. From there, if  your policy requires medical underwriting, the underwriters will review your information which can take anywhere from a few business days up to four to six weeks depending on if an exam is ordered. For non medical life insurance applications policies usually go into effect much faster. 

You can have as many beneficiaries as you require. You can also select two or more contingent beneficiaries.

Yes. You are allowed to change your beneficiary. In most cases an additional form needs to be filled out but the process is very fast and simple.

You will receive your policy in the mail generally between two weeks from the day your policy goes in force.

Yes. You can use our quoting tool to compare quotes and start the application process. An agent will then reach out to you to complete your application and submit it to the selected carrier.

Alternatively, you can call in and speak to one of our agents and he or she can provide you a quote and help you submit the insurance application all in one call.