Why you should take advantage of a Free Consultation


Save Time and Money By Talking With a Specialist

In today's world there is a ton of information at your disposal at the click of a button. However, unless you know exactly what you're looking for and how to find it, it's of no real value to you. The advantage of sitting with a professional field underwriter in a consultation is that, you don't have to sift through mountains of information, or spend countless hours learning industry terminology to help you make an educated decision about the type of life insurance you should invest in. 

Our knowledgeable staff will patiently educate you on the different types of relevant life insurance products in a way that is easy and plain to understand, alleviating you of the stress of having to make the decision all on your own, or get information from people who are not as qualified to deal with your concerns. The purchase of life insurance is an action that should not be delayed, as the longer you wait, the more money you will end up paying. Our goal in a consultation is to educate you enough to help you make a timely decision that works best for you and your loved ones, and one that you can be at peace with moving forward.

What does a consultation consist of?

 A Consultation is a courtesy meeting between a licensed, knowledgeable representative from our company, and you. It's a 1 hour meeting that allows you a chance to ask questions and have an expert address them on the spot. In addition to scheduling a consultation to review your existing policy (or policies), you can also take this opportunity to compare and discuss quotes with your agent. Whatever your need, we promise that our professional Field Underwriter will do his or her best to exceed your expectations.   


Preparing for a Consultation




• State I.D., Drivers License, or Green 


• Social Security Card

• List of prescriptions, preferably the physical 

      bottles with labels for accurate 

      verification (If applicable)

• Social Security Benefit schedule or 

knowledge thereof

• Copy of previous insurance policies if applicable (life, auto, homeowners, etc.)

• A warm smile and friendly attitude 

(Okay this is optional but it helps 🙂)

• Method of payment (i.e., checking account and routing number, checkbook, Direct Express card, cash)



Consultations work better if both parties are comfortable with one another. It’s also important for us to know a little bit about each other to know how we can better help each other. After all, wouldn't you feel better doing business with someone you're comfortable with? When you meet with any of our agents, one of the first things they'll do is build a rapport with you.  Your field underwriter will most likely be your personal agent as long as you're a client with us, so we recommend taking a few minutes to get to know each other. 


 Once everyone is warmed up, the discovery, or fact finding process begins. If you have any existing policies, our agent will do a brief review with you at this time  to assess if the policies still meet your current and future needs. 

Afterwards, the agent will ask you some questions and do a quick budget analysis to help you and the agent better gauge what your goals and needs are, what you can comfortably afford, and how our company can best assist you with achieving those goals and needs.


 Now that your field underwriter has a clear picture of your goals and needs, he or she will offer you product based solutions that align with them. How this works is your agent will use the information you provided in the fact finding stage to pair you with the best carrier and products that are ideal for your specific situation. Once he or she does that, they'll make suggestions based on their professional knowledge and experience  in dealing with similar cases. Lastly, you will choose the options that you believe best suit you. 

STAGE 4 - Application Submission

 From here, you and your agent will fill out the appropriate application(s) to apply for coverage.  It's important to note that before the agent submits your application(s) for approval, he or she will inform you of all available payment options. For example, if you wish to be covered from the date of the initial application, meaning the day you actually applied for coverage, you will need to provide your first premium payment at the time you apply. Generally, you will have the option to choose automatic bank draft or write a personal check made out to your selected carrier. Another option clients love is the ability to apply for and get approved for coverage on the day of their consultation, and pick a specific date they want their 1st and/or subsequent payments to draft if they don't have the money at the time they apply and get approved. Many of our clients on fixed income or Social Security prefer this payment arrangement. 

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