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Who We Are and What We're About

Every business, small or large, had a starting point, a beginning to its operations. In the business world, we call this beginning, Day One. Day one for Empyral Insurance Group, LLC was April 19, 2017. Empyral provides life insurance and asset protection services to a wide range of clients throughout the Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi regions. Service offerings include individual, business, and group life insurance, disability insurance, and mortgage protection insurance.   

We are located in New Orleans, La.  In keeping up with the times, we do not have a traditional brick and mortar location. However, our overall mission is to establish such locations throughout the state of Louisiana, beginning in 2020.  

Empyral strives to enrich the lives of its clients through exceptional care and client relations, executed by its very knowledgeable, highly trained and skilled agents/producers, and support staff. We also believe in giving back to the communities of the very people we serve. It’s this sense of duty that separates our company from many others. With us it's not all about a sale; we truly value relationships. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our ability to not only perform on a high level, but to exceed our client’s expectations every time.


We're Independent

Here's Why We're Better Than The Traditional Captive Life Insurance Agencies

                                                                               Captive Agency (Them):

• Limited Insurance quotes. Whatever rates they offer in-house are the only rates they can offer you. 

• Can only offer the products their company sells. That's it. Their agents are contractually prohibited from selling another company's products.

• In most cases they won't advise you on a product that can help you if their company doesn't offer it.

                                                                             Independent Agency (Us):

• Can offer multiple quotes. This type has the ability to shop around for the best options for you. 

• Has the freedom and ability to offer more than one company's products, which means that because it represents several carriers, their agents can tailor a package that is specific to your exact needs by working with a carrier that has exactly what you're looking for. They've got you covered whether it's Term Life Insurance, Whole Life, Universal Life, Final Expense, and more.

• Can offer more than one rate, unlike a captive agency that can only offer the rate of their product only. Don't like the rate from one company? No problem. This agency can find a company that has a rate closer to what you need.

• Agents generally have a wider scope of product knowledge being that they represent several carriers. This means that instead of only having information on what one carrier can offer, which may or may not work for you, their agents can generally dig into a deeper arsenal of products to assist you with.

Insurance Quotes should be easy, painless, accurate, fast, and come with multiple options. With an Independent Insurance Agency such as Empyral Insurance Group, that's exactly what you get.

Get to know our services and what we can do for you. From free policy reviews to free one on one consultations, we make it easy for you to get the help you need to make informed decisions. 

Core Values and Beliefs

Agents and Staff

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Empyral Insurance Group, LLC

1615 Poydras Street, Suite 900, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112, United States

(888) 558-6045

Hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Empyral Insurance Group, LLC's insurance agents/producers have successfully passed all required state licensing exams and have met all state licensing requirements for both resident and non resident licensing. We do not contract any agents who have not met state licensing requirements. All agents of Empyral Insurance Group must also undergo product training with all of our contracted carriers, then demonstrate that knowledge in various agent/client simulations. All of our agents, members, officers, employees, associates and partners are held to the highest educational and ethical standards.

Lines of Authority

Empyral Insurance Group, LLC currently holds the following Lines of Authority:

• Life

• Health, and Accident

• Property  & Casualty

Our Louisiana Agency license number is: 730378

License Jurisdictions 

We currently have agents licensed to transact business in the following jurisdictions:

• Louisiana

• Texas

A Commitment to Accurate Information

All information contained herein this page is frequently updated. All agents must maintain current and active licensing to be contracted with Empyral Insurance Group, LLC.

Securities/Financial Products

Empyral Insurance Group, LLC as an agency does not currently participate in the sale of securities nor does it currently hold, or have ever held, a financial securities license. Because our agents are independent contractors, some may possess securities licenses. If or when these agents transact securities business, they do not do so under the Empyral Insurance Group, LLC name and authority.

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